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Capt. Randy Rode

By Randy Rode, Jul 17 2019 02:14AM

We fished Aug 12, 2019 with a group of four friends from Las Terrenas, and had a real blast catching deepwater groupers and snappers. Some of the species we caught were, Mystic Groupers, Silk Snappers, and yellow-eyed snappers. We even caught a strange Bronze Whaler Shark, in super deep water, and released him.

We were fishing two electric assisted deep drop outfits, fitted with 80# test super braid and we used up to 8# of weight to hold bottom.

The depth that was most productive was around the 200 fathom range, which is 1,200` deep. I have been fishing in this general area for more than 10 years now, and just picking a few fish off of each spot, and guarding and respecting this fishery, and it has really paid off for us!

We use regular, frozen grocery store squid for bait mainly, and sometimes use freshly caught yellowfin tuna or blackfin tuna or bonito.

We finished off the day by anchoring up on the deep nearshore reef in 90` of water and caught a nice bunch of small groupers and snappers all on ultra-light tackle.


By Randy Rode, Mar 30 2019 04:48PM

On March 15, fishing from the custom center console, “VAMOS”, out of the Rio San Juan, D.R. the team of Capt. Randy Rode and Capt. Steve Spagnuola, boated a broadbill swordfish, after only a day and a half of fishing. The swordfish, which was of legal length by U.S. federal fishery standards, was the first verifiable swordfish caught in the daytime on rod and reel, on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic. The fish was boated after only 8 drops, getting four bites and catching the one fish.

In the process of fishing, the team also boated a prize Queen Snapper, tipping the scales at a whopping 27#`s!

In a series of reports taken from a local fishing newsletter, the team will continue the Quest for swordfish, until they can establish the area as a destination for this specialized and prized species.

For more information about booking a trip with either Capt. Steve or Capt. Randy please get in touch with either of them via FBMsgr, WhatsApp, or call them at 849-208-0059 or 809-464-1557 respectively, or go to WWW.DOMINICANREPUBLICSPORTFISHING.COM and fill out the contact information.

Stay tuned for more reports coming from this aggressive fishing team and their quest to catch bigger and bigger broadbill swordfish!

By Randy Rode, Jul 19 2018 07:09PM

Summertime is always my favorite time in the Dominican Republic. The weather is great, the water is warm and clear, and there is always plenty to do. The months of July, August, and September are just perfect for snorkeling in our crystal clear waters, the offshore fishing is always good, with a good bite of blue marlin, some scattered Dorado, and plenty of good eating bottom fish available.

We are offering some pretty sweet All-Inclusive package deals right now.

We pick you up at the airport, show you to your exclusive, poolside guest suite, and then feed you three great meals a day.

We are now offering complimentary sightseeing trips around our area. Rainforest, Waterfalls, and some of the best beaches in the Caribbean are all on the menu. All starting at $495.pp

Back at “Casa Aurora”, our BnB, we can take a nice dip in the pool, followed by a memorable dinner.

You can call me anytime at 1-809-464-1557, or use any of the variety of Internet-based apps to get in touch with me, like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, or anything else you can think of.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and have a great Summer, wherever you all end up.

Best Regards, Capt. Randy Rode

North Coast Sportfishing and BnB

Cabrera, North Coast of the

Dominican Republic


By Randy Rode, Jan 7 2018 12:16AM

The beginning of the new year marks the time of some of the best fishing here on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic. With the cold fronts that work their way down from North America, come NE winds, blowing onshore here on our coast, and bringing all the good gamefish within closer reach.

Typically, we only have to go as far as 7 or 8 miles offshore to get into the good fishing, and sometimes we catch marlin, dorado, wahoo, tuna, and other valuable species, just a few miles offshore.

For example, a few days ago our our last trip, we caught and released a giant-sized barracuda, just a few hundred meters off the rocks that guard the entrance to the Laguna Gri-Gri, a very beautiful and protected freshwater lagoon where we keep out boat, “VAMOS” a brand-new 30` sportfishing machine, specifically designed and built for the kind of fishing we do here on the North Coast.

So if you are looking for a very affordable fishing vacation, or just want to relax and come down and relax and visit, just let us know. We have our beautiful hillside B&B waiting and ready for you.

We offer a full meal plan and personalized five-star service.

Just fill out the contact page here on the website, include your e-mail address, and I will get it to you right away.

Thanks for considering us for your next Caribbean Vacation!

Capt. Randy Rode

By Randy Rode, Dec 29 2017 05:06PM

We are very proud of our B&B, which we started up more than 10 years ago.

It seems that in our area of the North Coast of the Dominican Republic, that everyone is getting into the Bed and Breakfast business.

We continue to offer our guests the highest level of service and attention. We offer ground transportation to all the great beaches and sites around our beautiful town, as well as a full meal plan.

Just fill out the contact page and I`ll get back to you right away. Thanks!

Below is a testimonial from just one of the thousands of satisfied guest we have had the pleasure to host.

Randy Rode



Randy and Dawn were wonderfully kind hosts. They have an amazing house nestled in the hills above Cabrera. Randy was kind enough to provide us directions so we were able to make it to the house on foot from the Catalina intersection, but there are motoconchistas there who can take you up to their place at the back of the 'Magic spot' development. The room was very comfortable and we had a good sleep and tasty breakfast including fruit from their garden. Randy went out of his way to make us feel welcome and we left refreshsed and happy. If you are on the North coast make a stop here for sure! If we ever get a chance to come back I'll look up Randy for a fishing trip on his new boat! ”

Fine Cuisine Served at Casa Aurora Luxury Accomodations At Reasonable Price
Fine Cuisine Served at Casa Aurora Luxury Accomodations At Reasonable Price
We are very proud of our B&B, which we started up more than 10 years ago.
We are very proud of our B&B, which we started up more than 10 years ago.
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