North Coast Sportfishing




Items to bring on your trip…..Sunblock, Polarized sunglasses, sun-protective clothing.


The seas are almost always calmer in the mornings, with the wind building in the afternoon, by that time we are positioned to make an easy trip back to the dock.


If you even think you may become sea-sick, ask, and I will provide an OTC sea-sickness preventative.


Don`t assume anything about the weather conditions here, we can have totally different conditions only a few miles up or down the coast, check with me before making a decision about the weather.


Remember, fishing is fishing. I bring only the very best equipment and bait, and 40 years of experience in saltwater guiding. I will do everything  I can to produce fish for you. Attitude is everything! Every day on the water is a great day, sometimes we catch more fish than other days.


Let me know during the trip if you want to change tactics, and bottom fish or try something different, it`s too late after we get back to the dock.


I will gladly clean and package a reasonable amount of fish caught. All your fish will be well-maintained with plenty of ice.


Any questions, don`t hesitate to ask.


Looking forward to a GREAT TRIP!

General Information

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