North Coast Sportfishing

The North Coast of the Dominican Republic offers some of the finest, unspoiled and un-explored fishing in the Caribbean. One of the unique features of the area is the fact that there is extremely deep water, very close to shore, similar to many other well-known fishing destinations world-wide. We have 1,000` of water depth only 3 miles offshore, 6,000` feet of water depth ten miles out, and 12,000` approximately 20 miles offshore. This makes for some fabulous fishing. We are trolling, literally minutes after leaving the dock.


Trophy-sized Dorado, (mahi-mahi), and wahoo are commonly caught in our waters, along with yellowfin tuna, up to 150#`s, several species of sharks, and many species of bottomfish, including groupers, yellowtails and several species of snappers.


Within minutes of the dock, and located anywhere from 1,000` of water depth, out to 3,000` or more, the local fishermen have placed a large number of Fish Attracting Devices, or FAD`S. These FAD`S are constructed using a heavy weight as an anchor, and then literally miles of polypropylene line, attached, on the surface to buoys, Styrofoam, soda bottles enclosed in plastic sacks shrimp boat netting, and other floating material. They are pretty much a sure thing for dorado, wahoo and billfish. They also provide cover for a tremendous amount of live bait, mainly blue runners, and rainbow runners. We routinely catch live baits and immediately drop them down in the vicinity of the FAD`s, with excellent results. We have placed several of our own FAD`S, which allows us to tie up to them, effectively "anchoring" the boat in thousands of feet of water depth, with excellent results.


We always remain flexible in our fishing game plan, oftentimes switching from live bait to trolling, or to high speed trolling to cover more area. Regardless of what technique is being employed during your trip, you can be assured that your crew is doing their absolute best to produce action.  So take a chance, and be an adventurous angler, and fish this un-exploited, world class fishery. Maybe you will be the first to catch a world-record game fish, or be the first to catch a trophy swordfish or blue marlin. Either way, you will have the adventure of a lifetime, we have dedicated over 40 years to excellence in sport fishing, you will have an unforgettable experience, WE GUARANTEE IT!

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